Spiritual Meaning of Memorial Day

To remember is a sacred thing. As we look into the past, we draw upon the wisdom of our own lived experience and the experiences of those who have come before us. On this memorial day weekend, let us open the gates of time and honor those lives that continue to guide us. No one … Continued

Great Escapes (Part 2)

Our group conversation will focus on how we deal with our tendencies to escape so we can tap into the deep well of awesome power within us. (Continuing our conversation on )

Great Escapes (Part 1)

Life beckons us to capitalize on all our past experiences, to actively participate in shaping the future, to affirm our idiosyncrasies and to tap into the deep well of awesome power. Often these opportunities seem overwhelming, and we choose to escape from Life’s possibilities. Some escape routes involve active retreat, other times we just turn … Continued