Flower Communion

Our annual flower communion service will explore the role of flowers in our lives and their religious meanings. Each of us brings a flower to share in the communion to encourage the flowering of our community and to welcome Spring.

Organizing for Creativity

About 5 billion years ago, after countless supernova in the outer parts of the Milky Way galaxy, our solar system began to form. Everyone lives within the dynamics of systems – sometimes a person may be the stable center, sometimes an orbiting satellite, sometimes a periodic passer-by or a distant outlier. Each role contributes to … Continued


Boundaries of Enough

Are there times when you feel like your life it out of balance?  Do you spend too much time, money or other resources on some things and not enough on others? Nelson and Rita will lead a “workshop” to help us clarify how we can realign our priorities so we have enough but not too … Continued