My Interior Mansion

In every age, reflective people build images of their interior spaces. The current generation faces the task of envisioning this landscape while actively building a future in which the human and the non-human realms interact in mutually enhancing ways. Both scientific knowledge and traditional spiritual understandings need to be blended into a seamless tapestry.

Organizing for Creativity

About 5 billion years ago, after countless supernova in the outer parts of the Milky Way galaxy, our solar system began to form. Everyone lives within the dynamics of systems – sometimes a person may be the stable center, sometimes an orbiting satellite, sometimes a periodic passer-by or a distant outlier. Each role contributes to … Continued

Jesus: The Hinge Between Ancient and Modern Religion

Easter was last Sunday. As UUs we do not celebrate the traditional Christian holiday. Yet our movement is descended from the Judeo-Christain tradition. What role does Jesus play in UUism? This sermon will address this question.

Our Common Journey: Through Destructive Transformation

Eventually, many stars consume the basic elements which have fueled their fiery luminescence. The unbearable pressure leads to a collapse which then explodes into a supernova. This destructive transformation spreads heavier elements throughout the surrounding space creating the seeds of future suns and planets. Organizations and individuals, too, sometimes collapse into chaos and confusion. Even … Continued