Jesus: The Hinge Between Ancient and Modern Religion

Easter was last Sunday. As UUs we do not celebrate the traditional Christian holiday. Yet our movement is descended from the Judeo-Christain tradition. What role does Jesus play in UUism? This sermon will address this question.

Our Common Journey: Through Destructive Transformation

Eventually, many stars consume the basic elements which have fueled their fiery luminescence. The unbearable pressure leads to a collapse which then explodes into a supernova. This destructive transformation spreads heavier elements throughout the surrounding space creating the seeds of future suns and planets. Organizations and individuals, too, sometimes collapse into chaos and confusion. Even … Continued

Our Common Journey: Facing Internal Pressures

After several billion years, large clouds of gas began to squeeze together. Under these intense internal pressures, the clouds finally burst into fires we now see in the sky as stars. Often in life, intense pressure and friction ignite flames of wild creativity. Learning how to live through these kinds of times builds interior resilience.