Our Common Journey: II. Building Bonded Commitments

The series Our Common Journey continues with Building Bonded Commitment.  Early in the life of the Universe, electrons and protons formed bonded pairs which could survive the bombardment of otherwise destructive radiation. An important step on many people’s journey involves making life-long commitments. The two services this month will explore the interior resources required for … Continued

The Greatest Gift

The rhythm of the cycles of the seasons overlays the ever-unfolding journey of the Planet into the future. As the year comes to an end, a covenanted group can reflect on its journey to acknowledge the gifts that have been given to it in the past year. In addition, this sermon will explore ways to … Continued

Affirming Individual Diversity

Spurred on by electronic interconnectivity, global mobility and population expansion, we are experiencing increasing levels of diversity throughout our society. Liberal religious communities have the capacity for including diverging opinions and lifestyles in ways that can demonstrate a way forward for others. Doing so requires heightened attention to personal authenticity and interpersonal affirmation skills.