How to make our Lives Simple without Taking ourselves too Seriously

Parker Palmer talks about how to make our lives simple without taking ourselves too seriously. We can start by examining the interaction between what’s within us and what’s outside of us—How can we make choices that are more life giving than death dealing? We will make a simple mobius as a reminder of how to … Continued

The Rev Martin Luther King’s Peace Prize Acceptance Speech.

On this Sunday of the MLK Holiday, we will listen a recording of The Rev Martin Luther King, Jr.’s speech at the Nobel ceremony as well as an introduction written by the Dalai Lama. We will share our reflections after hearing the speech.

Where is it Supposed to Hurt?

We all fear discomfort. We worry about doing things “wrong” and not being able to be dignified in the process. We shy away from feeling vulnerable. We fear losing our composure, our control of the situation. Can we accept our fears and move beyond them to take that first step toward our dreams? Debbie George … Continued

How Not to be a Zombie.

On this Sunday before Halloween, Rev Straube, on YouTube, will explore recent interest in zombies in our entertainment and what it may reveal about our underlying spiritual concerns.