Rita Layson

Our Annual New Year Ritual

As we do every year, we engage in personal reflection on this past year, determine what to let go and decide what carry forward into the new year.


In these times full of hate and anger, we hear more about being civil. But what does civility really require? Krista Tippett (recorded) will share her thoughts about the conundrum of touting civility as a goal.

New Year’s Ritual

Congregants will participate in our annual New Year’s Ritual in which we take time to review our lives in 2018 and look forward to our lives in 2019.

What Can We Do About the Culture of Hate?

TED talk by Sally Kohn.We’re all against hate, right? We agree it’s a problem — their problem, not our problem, that is. But as Sally Kohn discovered, we all hate — some of us in subtle ways, others in obvious ones. As she confronts a hard story from her own life, she shares ideas on … Continued