Rev Jay Abernathy

Community and Identity

Our personal identities are formed, in part, from our interaction with other persons, some random, some carefully planned. Communities are one form of social connection where humans have found support, encouragement, inspiration, comfort, and wisdom. Today, though, communities have lost most of their traditional roles and the support those roles provided. Establishing religious communities is … Continued

The Good News of Reason and Freedom

Our Unitarian heritage does not begin in America but much earlier than Christianity in Greece.  However, in America Unitarianism grew from its Pilgrim beginnings to a fully independent religious movement, gradually moving away from Christianity to a truly modern expression of religion free of creed and authority.  It turned out that “the old-time religion” was … Continued

Jesus: The Hinge Between Ancient and Modern Religion

Easter was last Sunday. As UUs we do not celebrate the traditional Christian holiday. Yet our movement is descended from the Judeo-Christain tradition. What role does Jesus play in UUism? This sermon will address this question.