Nelson Stover

The Whole Enchilada Part 2

In this interactive service, we will share our personal understandings of “The Whole Enchilada”.  What is our understanding of the external “reality” in which we live?

The Whole Enchilada

As new inventions and social activities proliferated during the 20th Century, understanding the world often seemed illusive and confusing.   By looking at “All That Is” in a comprehensive way, the unique functions of our “interior mansions” can be illuminated.

Gifting Tomorrow

What gifts will we leave the future?  Join us for this participatory sermon in the round.

Gifting Tomorrow

The future, for all generations of all species, depends on the decisions and actions of all of everyone alive today. Finally, each individual and group has the opportunity of deciding its gift to the future. After a year of following in the Universe’s footsteps, the next step belongs to those of us alive today. What … Continued