Nelson Stover

Embracing Symbolic Consciousness

The human species’ presence on Planet Earth began about two million years ago. Empathy with the daring steps taken to cross into symbolic consciousness by our not-to-distant ancestors provides clues that may embolden people today to take the next steps on the Universe’s journey from wild chaos to profound consciousness.

Joining the Flourishing

The disappearance of the giant ferns and the eventual demise of the dinosaurs set the stage for the rise of mammals and the appearance of colorful flowers with nutritious seeds and trees that produced fruit and nuts. As old life-forms disappear, new possibilities arise and co-exist with dying forms. The lessons of past times of … Continued

Boundaries of Enough

Are there times when you feel like your life it out of balance?  Do you spend too much time, money or other resources on some things and not enough on others? Nelson and Rita will lead a “workshop” to help us clarify how we can realign our priorities so we have enough but not too … Continued