Nelson Stover

The Transformative Presence

When everyday actions shift from the practical business of staying alive to manifestations of care and compassion, individual lives change from sustenance to transformation. People who heed the call to move beyond daily necessities provide a social leavening essential for growth and vitality of the larger human and planetary community.

21st Century Church

In this dialog, Jay and Nelson will share their insights into what the 21st-century church should be like to meet the spiritual and religious yearnings of 21st-century people.

Our Interior Mansion: The Great Ah-Ha (Part 1 of 2)

The last three rooms in the Interior Mansion provide space and practices for letting the integral fullness of life itself shine through our daily lives. Sometimes all the bits and pieces fall into place exposing the larger whole. Sometimes more than meets the eye becomes apparent; sometimes we can help others see the unseen. (Continuing … Continued