Linda Hensley

How to Explain Our Faith

How do we explain our creedless religious movement to others? We will hear from Rev Aaron White on Youtube and then contemplate what we can communicate to others when they claim we don’t believe in anything.

Basics of Unitarian Universalism

Many people don’t really understand what the UU religion is all about.   The Rev Aaron White of First Unitarian Church of Dallas gives a short but potent explanation of the basics of Unitarian Universalism on YouTube. Even long standing U.U.s will be enlightened by his words.

The Disease of Being Too Busy

This contemplative service will deal with the impact of being too busy on our spiritual well-being. Are we too busy to really live? Have we become human doings instead of human beings? We will explore these and other questions about the balance between doing and being in our lives.

Solstice Celebration

in this service we will share readings and music about the summer Solstice. As we begin the summer we will create a communal Sun Wheel as an expression of our hopes for the summer season.  Join us as we celebrate the beginning of summer.  Led by Linda Hensley and Rita Layson.