Elaine Stover

Anticipating Our Future (Part 2)

This is a follow-up to our first session in May in which we developed six areas of focus for UUC to become a better spiritual community. True to our UU principle to support democratic processes, the congregation will flesh out those six areas of focus in this session. In September the board will develop plans … Continued

Anticipating the Future

A congregational meeting to share our ideas for the future of UUC. Note: UUC is providing lunch at the bookstore and we will continue our conversation about the future of UUC during lunch.  Anticipate being done by 12:30.

Boundaries of Enough

Are there times when you feel like your life it out of balance?  Do you spend too much time, money or other resources on some things and not enough on others? Nelson and Rita will lead a “workshop” to help us clarify how we can realign our priorities so we have enough but not too … Continued