Clemson Turregano

Contemplative Worship: Can U.U.s Talk about Evil?

Last week we learned of the very positive message of Unitarian Universalism. Does that message preclude our ability to talk about Evil? We will explore answers to that question.

Building Our Covenanted Community in Service

Our title is our purpose.  How we live that title is reflected in our dedication to the service we provide to our congregation and our Triad community.  We are small in numbers but large in meaning.  The question before us is how we might create a critical mass of love in service to ourselves and … Continued

The Moral Authority of Leadership

How did Mahatma Ghandi lead an entire nation without an official title?  How did Nelson Mandela lead from a prison cell?  Through their moral authority.  How did Jesus of Nazareth almost begin an insurrection within Judea?  Moral authority.  Now here is the flip – they do not generate the moral authority, it is within the … Continued