Our covenant it is a written agreement among individual community members promising to behave in certain ways toward each other. The covenant is the silk that joins our spiritual community and individuals within it into a web of interconnection. As Unitarian Universalists in Covenant, we strive to live by our covenant at all times. The covenant serves as a focal point for our congregation, giving it direction and common purpose. We recite it during every worship. Our covenant was written by ….


This is my covenant to you:

I will respect your spiritual path and support you on your journey. I believe that the paths are many but that the goal is the same.

I am here for the light of love that shines within all of us.

I will seek to find the inherent beauty that lies within you, treat it as a tender lover and speak to that place as I may.

I will hold this community as a precious gift,  nurture its well-being as it nurtures mine and respectfully abide by its decisions.

I will give with joy, bringing contributions both personal and material.

I will always remember that we are connected, that another’s loss is mine,  another’s joy is mine and this will be my guide in our time together.